Posted by: POWERof52 | January 4, 2013

The #BestNews Experiment


By Monika Platek

I have a dream (well, I have many, but this one stands above all the others). One day, I hope to host and produce a news show that reports on the best news in the world that day. I have shared this dream with people over the last few years and while it’s usually met with a positive reaction, it is often followed by these questions: “Does anyone actually care about good news?” and “Is there enough good news out there?”

These are both relevant questions, seeing as bad news typically leads the headlines. This is one of the realities of news journalism and it was confirmed almost immediately as I started studying at Ryerson University’s School of Journalism. There’s no one in particular to blame for this bad news reality – not the news makers, or the news breakers – but it doesn’t change my burning desire to challenge it.

In a world that seems to be getting increasingly darker, people are begging for some light at the end of the (news) tunnel. Interestingly enough, you’ll notice a lighter or more positive news piece at the end of almost every broadcast you watch. It’s called “the kicker” in the news world, and it means just that – this newscast has been so depressing that we need to give people a kick of good news right before we say goodbye. But that’s usually the extent of it – just one token “good news” story. I strongly disagree with this formula and that’s why I’m finally doing something about it. (Important to note that some news networks and publications are making more of an effort to focus on positive news.)

Over the next 52 weeks, I will sift through the sappy, sweet and sympathetic stories and choose the best news from that week. I won’t settle for the typical “good news” story you’re used to – you know, another dog-saving-its-owner type of “aww” story. I believe that there are relevant and uplifting stories out there, getting buried under the bad. I know I won’t change what headlines the news, and that’s not my mission (just yet), but I’m doing my part to share only the best.

Don’t worry, I won’t forget about the very relevant questions I have been asked along the way…

“Does anyone actually care about good news?” 

“Is there enough good news out there?”

We’ll see. In this world of social chatter and instantaneous reactions, it’s easy to gage how much people care (or don’t). Consider this a social experiment and a chance for me to see how realistic my aforementioned dream really is.

I encourage you to help me find the best news stories out there. Shoot me a tweet @MonikaPlatek if you see something awesome. I will post a #bestnews video and link on a weekly basis.

This #bestnews project feeds into the bigger mission I have set out to do this year with my husband called the #POWERof52. More details on that to come soon but you can follow our fresh new twitter @ThePOWERof52.


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