Posted by: POWERof52 | January 6, 2013

Act of Kindness #1 – Forgive and Forget

Todd Cooney

By Todd Cooney

For our first random act of kindness we look at the ability to forgive and forget.

We all know how frustrating bumper to bumper traffic is, but even more so when you get rear ended by the truck behind you. This was the situation I found myself in on Friday. After being nudged from behind, my typical reaction would have been one of annoyance and anger, but because we were launching the Power of 52 this week, I was more calm as I approached the driver at fault.

So we pulled off to the side of the highway and assessed the damage together. Luckily he stopped in enough time to only cause some minor damage (scratches, little dent etc). He was very apologetic and nice, so I told him not to worry about it and that I would take care of it. Being the nice guy that he was, he offered me a free tire should I ever need one (He was the Owner of a Tire Supplier). I told him about the Power of 52 and I have a feeling he may just pay it forward.


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