About #POWERof52


I’m Monika, and this is my hubby Todd. We’re jumping because our feet barely ever touch the ground. We’ve been flying from one adventure to the next since the day we met.


Our paths first crossed in 2010, we got engaged in 2011 and tied the knot on September 8, 2012. It really was love at first…date.

We actually went from being soul mate skeptics to believers within a few weeks. My energy level matched his perfectly – finally someone that could keep up with me! We played, we laughed, we challenged each other – and just like that, we were hooked on each other for life.

The first year of our marriage will be epic and that’s where the Power of 52 comes into the equation.

Every week (for the next 52 weeks) we are going to take on 52 new adventures, 52 acts of kindness, say “thank you” in unique ways and spread the best news stories we can find.

We invite you to join us, share your thoughts, offer suggestions and watch our journey unfold on twitter, facebook, YouTube and our website.

We desire to inspire, 52 weeks in a row.



  1. I’m so pleased to have discovered your blog. I can’t wait for my days off to dive into your previous 20 adventures!

    • Thanks Strawberry Quicksand! We are having an amazing first year together and enjoying every day. We were hoping to get to the Land Down Under however with our schedules looks like it will be a 2014 trip! Stay tuned with the best yet to come to finish off our 52 week adventure!

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