Acts of Kindness

The prime purpose of the POWER of 52 is to spread positivity. We pledge to do 52 acts of kindness over the next 52 weeks! Here are some of our ideas. Let us know if you have any others!

The Power of 52
52  Acts of Kindness   Completed #
Ribbon of Hope (Prayer Ribbon)  YES  19
Donate Used Books to a Library  YES  4
Give Carepacks to the Homeless  YES  8
Help Someone for Free  YES  7
Help Someone with Yard Work  YES  30
Pay the Tab for the Person Behind You  YES  38
A Year Of Inspiring Quotes  YES  52
Adopt a Hawk  YES  42
Inspire Through Art – Community Festival  YES  26
Donate to Charities  YES  20
Be a Designated Driver  YES  31
Ship Shirts, Ties and Suits to Poland  YES  41
Buy Flowers For A Cause  YES  13
Collect Canned Food for a Food Bank  YES  45
Cook a Meal for Someone  YES  18
Buy a Homeless Person Dinner  YES  23
Donate Used Clothing  YES  2
Hockey Helps The Homeless  YES  51
Giving Thanks  YES  36
Road Hockey to Conquer Cancer  YES  32
Shovel Snow for a Neighbor  YES  3
Support Movember  YES  40
Donate Toys  YES  43
Help Avoid an Accident  YES  39
Help Someone Move  YES  15
Snacks on Us!  YES  50
Easter Seal Skate  YES  44
Walk an old Lady Across The Street  YES  21
Helping Others With Yardwork  YES  49
Support a Local Farmer  YES  12
Smile at Others  YES  35
Deliver an Inspirational Speech  YES  10
Purchased Bus Ticket For Person In Need  YES  22
Use Less Paper  YES  34
Help get a car out of a ditch/snowbank  YES  6
Lutherwood Donation  YES  46
Helping a Stranger With Luggage  YES  48
Bring Your Coworkers a Special Treat  YES  17
Offer a Couple Hours of Free Babysitting to Parents  YES
Build a House (Habitat For Humanity)  YES  29
Share something with someone in need  YES  11
Make A Wish Come True  YES
Help Someone Find a Job  YES  15
Help Plan a Baby Shower  YES  14
Use Reusable Shopping Bags  YES  28
Use a Reusable Water Bottle  YES  33
Soles for Souls  YES  47
Forgive and Forget  YES  1
Celebrate 39 Years of Marriage – Anniversary Dinner  YES  25
 Join a local charity  YES  5
Gift of Tech (Sponsor/mentor a child – New Laptop/Printer)  YES  9
Make a Piece of Furniture For Someone  YES  24
Lend a Helping Hand  YES  27

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